Imagine swimming on a clear body of water admiring crustaceans, corals and the amazing sea life of the Cyprus coasts - from lion fish to turtles. If you would love to do this during your summer holidays, then our NAUI Skin Diver or Junior Skin Diver course is for you!

You will obtain various different skills throughout your course including the purpose and correct usage of skin diving equipment, the basics of conservation and preservation of the environment and breath-hold diving (probably the most fun). By the end of your training and two open water dives, you will have the right set of skills to watch Cyprus's wonderful aquatic life face-to-face while also staying out of harm's way.

Getting Started

A fun way to spend some quality family time, this course can be taken by anyone aged 8+, no matter what your swimming capabilities are.


What's Next?

Now that you've acquainted yourself with the underwater life in Cyprus, why not try our NAUI Scuba Diver course. This is a great opportunity to experience the amphibious world through the unique weightless world of scuba diving. Dive into "inner space" with the ability to breathe freely underwater with the use of modern scuba diving equipment.