• Padi Emergency first responder efr


    Padi Emergency first responder efr
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    • The Full course price is:   125.00
      To book you pay only the
      Down payment of:   €16.81
      and the reminder at the dive school on arrival

Survival Product Code: PADIFIRSTRESPEFR6

Padi Emergency first responder efr


Minimum age: No minimum age

Duration: 1 day

Adult Student to Instructor Ratio 4:1

Child Student to Instructor Ratio 1:1

What is the Emergency First Responder course?

The Emergency first responder is a 1 day course which will teach you basic potentially life saving primary care skills including CPR, Shock management and Automated external defibrillator use. You will also cover some theory based on European resuscitation guidelines. The EFR course is valid for two years.

What does the Emergency First Responder course consist of?

In addition to covering Primary care which is one of the critical core skills you will learn. The EFR course also covers other Primary care skills such as serious bleeding, and choking. Secondary care skills will also be covered. In addition to these valuable skills. The instructor will also cover specific diving related emergencies such as decompression sickness and lung over expansion.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can enrol to become an Emergency first responder. There is no minimum age so why not teach your children theses valuable life saving skills

Why not improve your knowledge and skills at the same time and become a PADI Oxygen Provider. In this course you will be taught how to assemble oxygen kits as well as how to safely administer oxygen to both children and adults.

What's Included?

Everything is included in the price of €125.00 All you will need to supply is a smile and be motivated to learn

On completion of your Emergency first response course. You will receive a temporary qualification from your instructor a certification card will be sent you directly from PADI.

This is valid for two years.