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    Padi Search and Recovery
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    • The Full course price is:   €275.01
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      Down payment of:   €63.03
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    Padi Search and Recovery


    The theory part of the PADI Search & Recovery course will be completed at Survival Dive Stop based in Pernera. Here your instructor will teach you the theory needed to safely use lifting devices, you will also discuss and practice various search pattens. The initial two dives of the course will be done in Green Bay, and De Costa Bay both of which are located in Protaras on the South Eastern part of the Cyprus coastline. Dives three, and four will done around the picturesque Cape Grecko area which is just a few kilometres from Ayia Napa..

     Prerequisites: PADIJunior Advanced open water diver

    Minimum age: 12

    Duration: 2 days

    Adult Student to Instructor Ratio 2:1

    Child Student to Instructor Ratio 1:1


    What is the PADI Search & Recovery diver speciality course?

    During the PADI Search and Recovery course you will learn how to execute search patterns and recover objects using lift bags.

    What does the Search & Recovery course consist of?

    The PADI Search and Recovery course consists of 4 dives. If you have completed an search and recovery fiver as part of your advanced open water course this can be credited towards to speciality. During the course your instructor will teach you both the theoretical knowledge and paratactical skills required to safely undertake recovery of small objects. You will learn and practice a variety of search patterns, both with and with out the use of a compass. Practice securing lift bags to various objects, using both knots and clips. Your instructor will also have the student lift various objects from the seabed, the student will swim with the object whilst maintaining neutral buoyancy as well as lifting an object to the surface.

    Once the course is completed what can I do?

    Upon completion of the Search and Recovery course you will be able to execute an appropriate search pattern, rig, and secure a lift bag and recover an object up to 15 Kilos in weight.

    What's Included?

    Everything is included in the price of �275.00 However we would recommend. That you have a Dive computer if you require one we can rent you one for the course at an additional �20

    On completion of your PADI Search and Recovery diver course. You will receive a temporary qualification from your instructor a lifelong certification card will be sent you directly from PADI.

    How do I book?

    Simple use our online booking system, call us 00357 22680230

    or email divestop@survivalbuddies.com

    Discounts available for 2 or more people


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