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    Padi Underwater Navigator
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    Padi Underwater Navigator

    PADI Underwater Navigator

    Prerequisites: PADI Junior open water diver

    Minimum age: 10

    Duration: 2 days

    Children to Instructor Ratio 1:1

    Adult Student to Instructor Ratio 2:1


    What is the PADI Underwater Navigator course?

    Simply the PADI navigation speciality is designed to improve you navigation underwater using both traditional compass navigation, as well as natural navigation techniques.

    What does the underwater Navigator course consist of?

    Are youbecoming lost, stressed and confused about which direction you need to go underwater? If so enrol on the PADI underwater navigation speciality. During the underwater navigator speciality you will complete a minimum of 3 dives. If you have completed your advanced open water course the navigation dive from this can be credited towards the speciality. During the course your instructor will teach you both traditional compass navigation techniques, as well as time, and distance navigation. Your instructor will also teach you various natural navigation techniques. Natural navigation is a key skill to be able to successfully navigate underwater.

    Once the course is completed what depth can I dive to?

    The PADI underwater navigator course doesn't give you any more of a depth limit upon the divers current certification level. The course purely focuses on improving the divers navigation techniques .

    What's Included?

    Everything is included in the price of €200.00However we would recommend. That you have a Dive computer if you require one we can rent you one for the course at an additional €20

    On completion of your PADI underwater Navigator course. You will receive a temporary qualification from your instructor a lifelong certification card will be sent you directly from PADI.

    How do I book?

    Simple use our online booking system, call us 00357 22680230

    or email divestop@survivalbuddies.com

    Discounts available for 2 or more people