Blue Hole

Type: Shore Dive

Level: Intermediate

Maximum Depth: 18 m


Coordinates: -


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Blue hole is located on the other side of Green Bay. The site is also some times referred to as Green Bay 2. The dive at Blue Hole is very scenic with beautiful rock formations there are also two swim troughs during the dive. Entry to the site is relatively easy either as walk in shore entry as shown above or we can enter from a boat jetty using a giant stride.

Dive Site Description

Depending on the entry you make you will descend into between 2 - 3 metres of water. This dive starts of very shallow as you need to cross over the top of the reefs. Once you have crossed over to the second reef you will come to a small tunnel as pictured above. Upon exiting the tunnel vertically. You will be in around 7 metres of water form there you head out on the dive swimming over some large rocks, and overhangs. You will come to a crack on top of a large pinnacle as you descend through the top of the rock you come in to a huge cave inside the cave it is beautiful with many lion fish are seen inside the cave. As you explore the cave you will see the exit which is a large arch as you swim out from the cave you come a white sandy plateau at a depth of 18 metres depending on your air consumption there are a couple of routes you can take back to the exit. Including swimming back past large fishing nets and back through the shallow tunnel the exit point is either a gentle walk over some rock as pictured above or air supply permitting we can exit from Green Bay

Marine life at Blue Hole

Large numbers of huge trumpet fish can be seen when diving the Blue Hole in addition to these large octopus and moray ells are sighted around the dive as well as many lion fish. Stingrays and grouper are also common at this site. It is possible to see Eagle rays and turtles at the Blue Hole.