Type: Shore Dive,Boat Dive

Level: Intermediate

Maximum Depth: 30 m


Coordinates: -


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This is site named after Cyclops cave located in Cape Grecko. Cyclops cave is located as you walk down to the a gentle slop towards the water. The cave is worth a look in after the dive. Once you reach the lower ledge the preferred water entry is either a giant stride or seated back entry into around 2 metres of water.

Dive Site Description

Once you are comfortable you can descend straight away and swim straight out weaving between boulders and rocks after a couple of minutes you will see a sandy area. The sandy slope starts at 3.5 metres and gently slopes down to 12 metres for a nice easy scenic dive. Alternatively you can swim straight out over the and you will come to a wall which drops to around 10 metres. The wall is home to moray ells and small groupers. If you swim with the wall on your left and continue along the wall you will reach 18 – 25 metres. For the more experienced divers wishing to test their buoyancy they can do the parachute dive. The starts on top of a large pinnacle at around 8 metres you then swim in mid water over a rocky bottom with large amounts of sea grass. After a couple of minutes you will make a free fall drop into the blue. To a depth off around 28 metres, once you have reached your desired depth continue you dive with the sea grass on your right and you will come towards two beautiful white sand slops also known as the Ski run. Generally you will begin your ascent here and head back along the shallower wall around 10 metres until you reach the sandy slope where you will complete your safety stop.

Marine life at Cyclops

Cyclops has a large variety of marine life. Groupers, huge trumpet fish and shoals of puffer fish a regularly seen at Cyclops. In addition to this excellent marine life octopus, lionfish and moray eels are conman. As you dive keep and eye looking into the blue as eagle rays, large squid, and turtles often swim by in the blue.