De Costa Bay

Type: Shore Dive

Level: Beginner

Maximum Depth: 11 m


Coordinates: -


De Costa Bay is a small picturesque bay located in Protatras. It is the perfect place for those divers wanting an easy dive with plenty of life to see. De Costa offers sheltered clear water with a very easy walk in entry over a shingle beach. The site is also perfect for training and discover scuba diving.

Dive Site Description

When you are ready you can descend into 1.5 metres of water and begin your dive by heading straight out of the bay you will swim over a grassy area perfect for skill practice. Continue straight out and you gradually get deeper water as you head over some large rocks and boulders keep your eyes open for octopus. After a few minutes you will reach a huge sandy area at around 6 - 7 metres. From there you can decide if you want to dive left, right or go out a bit further to a deeper island. Which ever route you and your dive guide pick you will have a superb dive with plenty to see. A dive we suggest is a circular route of the bay with a maximum depth of around 9 metres. This dive is super chilled dive. The topography of the site offers great light as well as scenic backdrops making it great for photography.

Marine life at De Costa

Marine life at De costa is truly fantastic bearing in mind how simple the dive is. In addition to the usual bream, and wrasse you will see play full puffer fish, octopus are also common at this site. Sea horses are also regularly spotted in the bay. Stingrays and tame turtles are very often seen at De Costa.