Kyrenia Wreck

Type: Boat Dive

Level: Intermediate

Maximum Depth: 24 m


Coordinates: -


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The wreck of the Kyrenia was sunk in March 2015 and was the latest artificial wreck to be sunk in Cyprus. The Kyrenia was ex motorised patrol vessel. When she was operational there was a large machine gun mounted on the front. Unfortunately this has now been removed. The wreck sits upright on the seabed with a maximum depth of 24M. The Kyrenia is around 30M in length by 7M wide. Therefore the wreck is easy to cover in one dive

Dive Site Description

AS you descend down the shot line you can clearly see the distinctive outline of the wreck as you near the bottom of the shot line you can swim towards the stern once you have explored the stern you can swim down either the port or starboard side to the bow. Once you have finished exploring the outside of the wreck you can easily penetrate the Kyrenia form various places and swim though the wreck. As you exit the wreck you then explore the bridge area before beginning your ascent back up the line. Whilst completing your safety stop you will enjoy a great view of whole wreck

Marine life on the Kyrenia

Although the wreck has only been sunk for a short period of time, there is already a lot of marine life to be seen. AS well as the usual reef fish. Large trumpet fish and grouper are found around the wreck as well as moray ells and lion fish. The size and colours of the wreck make for excellent photography opportunities.