Liberty & Cross

Type: Boat Dive

Level: Intermediate

Maximum Depth: 27 m


Coordinates: -


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The Liberty is a decommissioned Russian cargo ship.She was purchased by the Cyprus government to be sunk as an artificial wreck. The liberty was sunk on the 27th of May 2009 and was the first artificial wreck to be sunk on the Island. The Liberty is relatively small wreck measuring 37M in length by 7M wide she lies upright on the seabed with a maximum depth of 27M.

Dive Site Description

As you descend down the shot line towards the seabed the outline of the liberty will come into viewthe shot line is on the starboard side of the wreck a few metres from the wreck on a sandy bottom from there you will swim towards the stern of the Liberty before you reach the wreck you will head to see the large stainless steel cross which was sunk by a Russian millionaire a few years ago. Once you have explored the cross you swim back towards the stern exploring the propeller shaft. We the continue swimming down the port side of the wreck to we get to the bow where we ascend to the top of the wreck around 22M once you have posed on the bow you can swim towards to entry point to swim through the engine room and cargo area. Once you have completed the swim trough you will exit close to the stern from there you will head back to the shot line to ascend.

Marine life on the Liberty

The wreck does attract quite a lot of marine life there are large amounts of bream and damsel fish as well as the occasional moray eel as well as the occasional shoal of jacks and tuna. Stingrays are also occasionally sighted in the sand around the wrecks and cross.