Nemesis III Wreck

Type: Boat Dive

Level: Intermediate

Maximum Depth: 25 m


Coordinates: -


See Nemesis III Wreck pictures

Nemessis III Inspected before sunkNemessis III being prepared and cleaned from oil and paint to be safe for diversNemessis III outside view before sinkingEngine room Nemessis III
Nemessis III lower deck viewNemessis III inside view during preparationNemessis III engine roomNemessis III engine being removed to prepare for scuba divers
Nemessis 3 Cyprus engine before removalNemessis III last birth before becomimg a diving wreck in CyprusNemessis III bridgeNemessis 3 inside cleared for divers



The Nemesis III is a decommissioned fishing trawler purchased by the Cyprus government to be sunk as an artificial wreck. The Nemesis was the second artificial wreck to be sunk in Cyprus in December 2013. The wreck is 30M long and 12M wide making it ideal for photographers as you can often see the length of the wreck. There are many original features still to be seen on the wreck both on the inside and the outside making the Nemesis III a great wreck to do asyour first wreck dive.

Dive Site Description

As you descend beneath the surface the outline of the Nemesis III is clearly visible as you descend you will on the starboard side of the wreck heading towards to the bow continue along the side of the wreck at a depth of 24M. You will then come to the bow as you look up the bow is very impressive for the size of the wreck once you have taken photographs and explored the bow continue down the port side of slowly beginning to ascend to the top of the wreck swimming towards the stern. From here we can enter the wreck into the engine room and what would have been the refrigeration area the as you exit the wreck you will be on the close to the winches from there you can continue towards the bridge and swim towards the front of the bow before heading back to the shot line. As you swim back to the shot line at around 16M you will get a fantastic view of the the whole of wreck.

Marine life on the Nemesis III

The wreck has plenty of marine life on it as well as the usual fish lion fish are very conman around the fishing winches and stern area. Large shoals of tuna and amber jack are often sighted around the wreck as well as the occasional turtle.