• Tactical Bungee -2-Point -Olive


    Tactical Bungee -2-Point -Olive
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    • In stock! Sports equipmeent Cyprus Tactical Bungee -2-Point -Olive

    Survival Product Code: MILTACBUN00016185101

    Tactical Bungee -2-Point -Olive

    The 7.62 / 7.92 caliber gun cleaning set will clean your gun on on the go, in the field.

    The set consists of:

    - broaching in the form of a chain with a working length of 97 centimeters, has an original design: each link is looped into an aluminum sheath

    - this broach will last long and will not damage the barrel steel with frequent and intensive use, together with any means;

    - Polymer ruff for cleaning the trunk from easily removable carbon;

    - ruff combined (bronze / pile) for hard cleaning of the trunk from hard to remove layers;

    - brush with natural nap to remove dirt from the USM parts, receiver;

    - oilcan;

    - a small stock of sliced twine as a wiping cloth;

    This gun cleaning set comes in a solid plastic box in olive color.

    Manufactured by Mil-Tec (Germany) - a German company, one of the suppliers of the Bundeswehr.

    Reference: 16171400