• Gloves fleece thinsulate olive


    Gloves fleece thinsulate olive
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    Survival Product Code: MILGLVOLIVE12534001

    Gloves fleece thinsulate olive

    Fleece gloves Mil-TEC with Thinsulate insulation

    Warm fleece gloves with high quality insulation
    Reference: Thinsulate insulation is a highly resistant compressed thermal insulation material. Thermal insulation is provided in two ways: firstly, it is the detention of the air, which is an excellent insulator, and secondly, it is a reflection of the heat radiation body. According to its properties Thinsulate is superior to other insulating materials by 1.5 times, and by the degree of heat reflection - in 2 times, when compared to insulation layers of equal thickness. The material provides good ventilation, does not absorb moisture (moisture absorption - less than 1% of its weight) and, accordingly, provides a decent insulation in wet conditions.

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