• Emergency blanket silver and gold


    Emergency blanket silver and gold
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    • In stock! Sports equipmeent Cyprus Emergency blanket silver and gold

    Survival Sports Product Code: MAXEMEBLATMAX27131

    Emergency blanket silver and gold


    The foil NRC also known as emergency blanket or life foil. Used primarily in the rescue Operation and tourism. It works well in situations of crisis or extreme conditions in which body is subjected to heat loss or overheating. Ways to use:

    - Inside Silver / gold outside: protection against cold and hypothermia
    - Inside Gold / silver outside: sun protection

    Thermal blanket made from a thin metalized plastic, a tear-resistant. In the case of participation in an accident in which a person suffered a chest wound, the blanket will serve as valvular dressing. NRC foil should be a compulsory part of the personal equipment of every lover of survival, traveler or driver.


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