• Mil Tec Assault Backpack 20 LTR


    Mil Tec Assault Backpack 20 LTR

    Survival Product Code: MILPACOLI14002001

    Mil Tec Assault Backpack 20 LTR

    - Capacity: 30L
    - Padded straps
    - 2 external front pockets with zipper
    - 2 zippered compartments of different capacities
    - Side straps for compression clamp
    - Carrying handle
    - Possibility to attach accessories
    - Color: olive

    Military Assault Backpack is built modular, which means that it allows direct attachment of accessories backpack. 
    Seams are durable and shows increased tension reinforcement in areas prone to breaking. On the outside, the bag shows compression straps (backpack inside things will not move but stay fixed counterbalance to cancel out while walking, bending, etc..) 
    This backpack is an excellent choice for both military and civilians want as military.