• Silva Charger solar I AA


    Silva Charger solar I AA
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    Silva Charger solar I AA

    Solar Charger for AA Batteries

    A high performance, weatherproof solar AA battery charger, the Silva Solar I is the ideal solution for those spending time outdoors

    Charges 2 x AA batteries at the same time
    Suitable for rechargeable NiCd and MiMH batteries
    Panel equipped with strap holes for fixing to rucksack
    Ideal for AA powered GPS, torches, PMR radios, cameras, etc.

    Solar Panels and Chargers

    Solar ?photo voltaic? panels use the power of the sun to generate electricity and can be used in a variety of applications from calculators to homes. They are most effective, versatile and cost saving in many commercial and leisure applications for charging 12/24V batteries.
    Solar panels provide power through batteries at off grid and isolated locations and are widely used in critical telecommunications and telemetry applications. Solar panels enable rapid installation of equipment at remote sites, either temporary or permanent, avoiding the costs and inconvenience of grid connection. They are designed for very low maintenance and longevity.


    How Much power?

    The daily power production of a solar panel can be calculated by multiplying the panel?s peak power rating by between 0.5 and 6 depending on the time of year, angle and location. For example; an 80Watt solar panel produces a peak current of 4.55A.
    In summer, placed flat it can produce between 20 - 27Ah per day. In winter, at 60? angle South facing it can produce between 4.55-9.1Ah per day.


    Solar Installation


    Solar panels are usually installed at a 55-65? angle for optimal wintertime performance. For a year round power supply solar panels can be combined with Wind chargers.
    Solar panels can be connected in parallel to increase power and in series to increase voltage.
    To complete the system deep cycle batteries, a voltage regulator and electrical cables are required to get up and running. A range of convenient mounting kits are available for pole or wall mounting


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