• Silva Charger solar II 12 V


    Silva Charger solar II 12 V


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    Silva Charger solar II 12 V

    Foldable, all terrain solar cell. Recharges mobile phones, GPSs, hunting radios or palmtops via a 12-volt adapter, the same as is used in a car�s 12-volt socket.

    The advantage of the foldable panel is that it is easy to position at the optimum angle to the sun. When folded the solar cells are protected from the wear and tear that could occur when it is packed in a bag. 4 slots for straps.

    Includes suction cups for attachment to windows.

    • Weight: 300 grams
    • Size: 180x140x15 (folded)
    • Output: 13.6 V (4.75 W)

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