• Analogue Console 2 Pressure Gauge 300 Bar


    Analogue Console 2 Pressure Gauge 300 Bar
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    • In stock! Sports equipmeent Cyprus Analogue Console 2 Pressure Gauge 300 Bar

    Survival Product Code: BEUCONANABEU340341

    Analogue Console 2 Pressure Gauge 300 Bar

    This analogue console is a compact and light instrument that functions as an essential console for scuba diving.

    Specifics of the Beuchat Console 2 are:

    Both instruments have luminescent and clear screens, which make them easy to read in all conditions.

    1. The pressure gauge (SGP) goes up to 300 bar according to standard EC EN 250. The gauge displays in increments of 10 bar, and there is a reserve indication when nearing 50 bar.

    2. The depth gauge has a tested 65 meters maximum, with all meters indicated and the gauge has a trailing needle indication.

    The shock-proof flexible housing of the gauges in a nickelled stamped brass body has the pressure gauge and depth gauge on the face and the compass on the back.

    You can swivel the console for an optimal orientation.

    The console comes with a soft high-pressure hose attached that can be connected to all 1st stages regulators (7/16 inch connection).



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