• Beuchat Mask Super compensator


    Beuchat Mask Super compensator
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    • In stock! Sports equipmeent Cyprus Beuchat Mask Super compensator

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    Beuchat Mask Super compensator

    Beuchat Super Compensator Silicone Mask

    For divers looking for an iconic mask with a vast, unobstructed field of vision but who refuse to forego comfort

    • Fashionable retro look mask
    • The Super Compensator mask, the historical icon of the Beuchat brand, updated with modern techniques and materials
    • Mask with a single oval lens and an anti-allergic silicon skirt
    • Simplified equalisation
    • Skirt and rim shape around the nostrils designed to simplify equalisation
    • Huge field of vision
    • Unobstructed vision thanks to the absence of a central nose piece and no rim (frameless technology)
    • During ascent to the surface the inclined mask lens facilitates and improves the view upward.
    • Smaller volume than is typical for this class of mask
    • Frameless technology and the angled window reduce the internal volume
    • Water tightness
    • The edge of the skirt is chemically welded to the lens (frameless injection technology): no leakage
    • Gusseted equalisation finger wells ensure only the nasal section of the skirt is distorted during equalisation to avoid compromising the seal (the rest of the skirt is not distorted)
    • Toughness
    • The edge of the skirt is chemically welded to the lens (frameless injection technology): The lens cannot be disassembled, making for a more robust mask
    • The assembly of the buckles to the skirt makes the whole mask tougher and more compact
    • Offers an unobstructed and expressive view of the face
    • Ideal for underwater photography
    • Can be used as an emergency mask
    • The way the skirt is folded and the absence of a rim make the Super Compensator Silicon suitable for use as a backup mask
    • Easy, precise adjustment
    • Special grip areas on the upper part of the skirt simplify adjustment
    • Buckles swivel through 3 dimensions


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