• Tusa diving boots 5mm 7 40-41


    Tusa diving boots 5mm 7 40-41
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    • In stock! Sports equipmeent Cyprus Tusa diving boots 5mm 7 40-41

    Survival Product Code: TUSBOO007BKDB0103

    Tusa diving boots 5mm 7 40-41

    Extremely soft diving shoes made of neoprene by a thickness of 5 mm. For production was used a material with very good elasticity which makes the shoes perfectly adhere to the foot. Their thickness provides the feet with warmth and fully protects them from harmful environmental factors. On the heel, reinforcements are used to prevent the belt from sliding. A comfortable zip makes it easy to put on and take off. Soft sole gives the possibility to use them in many other water sports such as surfing or skimboarding.

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