• Beuchat Mask Micro Max Mirror


    Beuchat Mask Micro Max Mirror
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    • €60.50
    • In stock! Sports equipmeent Cyprus Beuchat Mask Micro Max Mirror

    Survival Product Code: BEUMASMICBEU153609

    Beuchat Mask Micro Max Mirror

    Micro volume mask - Designed for freediving

    Micrometric adjustable buckles and design (adjustment and position)
    This freediving mask was primarily designed for low volume and a wide field of vision well adapted to spearfishing, but it is also often used by scuba divers.

    ? New adjustment buckles attached directly to the skirt.
    ? Mask designed to easily allow nose pinching for ear equalization.
    ? Clear Lenses for Spearfishing
    ? Straps moulded in ?Soft? matter provide better grip.
    ? Skirt made of antiallergenic silicone
    ? Black Frame.
    ? Silicone strap for secure fit
    ? EU conform Tempered glass