Zenobia Wreck

Type: Boat Dive,Wreck Dive

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Maximum Depth: 42 m


Coordinates: 34.9188° N - 33.6559° E


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The world famous Zenobia wreck sunk just 1500 metres from Larnaca harbour. She sunk on her maiden voyage from Sweden on the 7th June 1980 she now lies on her port side on the sea bed at 42 metres. There was a lot of speculation on how the Zenobia sunk after a lot of debate and expert advice. The general consensus was it was computer error causing the electronically controlled ballast system to pump water to her port side causing her to list over and eventually sink.

MS Zenobia was commissioned as a roll on roll off transported ferry for her voyage she was loaded with 108 articulated lorries as well as other vehicles such as the captains car and a JCB with can be found deep inside the lorry decks. During the sinking of the vessel some of the lorries became dislodged and many of them can now be seen as part of standard recreational dive.

Dive Site Description

Our standard trip to this amazing wreck includes two dives one to the stern of the Zenobia and the other to the bow. We generally explore the stern, open cargo area, and the propellers for the first dive.

As you descend down towards the top of the wreck sitting in around 16 metres of water you will be meet with tame silver bream and many fish once you get your buoyancy sorted we will take you toward the open cargo area dropping slowly to around 28 metres as you swim over the open cargo area, and lorries as seen in the photo above you will see the huge loading ramps come into view we then continue towards the ramps swimming through a gap at around 28 metres before continuing towards the stern of the wreck heading towards the propellers. The Zenobia has two massive propellers each blade is approximately 3 metres high the top propeller sits in 26 metres of water when the visibility is good you can see the bottom propeller resting on the seabed at 42 metres. Once we have explored the top propeller you will head back on to the top ofthe wreck dependant on no decompression limits and air consumption you guide will continue the dive accordingly exploring the top deck bore heading back to the shot line to make your ascent.


For your second dive you will see the life boats, bridge, the anchor, bow and the canteen. The second dive generally involves to simple swim troughs.

As per the first dive you will descend on to the top of the wreck at 16 metres you will then head towards the life boats as pictured below one of the life boats is still intact and is a popular place for an underwater pose. Once you have explored the life boats you will head towards the bridge in around 20 metres of water your guide will ask if you are happy to enter the wreck this is done through a large window once you descend you will clearly see the controls of the Zenobia. As you swim out form the bridge you will head towards the anchor and the bow at around 28 metres the size of the bow is breath taking as you swim in a circle around the bow you will see the huge anchor sitting at around 25 metres once you have posed next to the anchor you will head towards the canteen entrance as you prepare to enter the canteen on your left you will see the red tartan carpet hanging down from the floor you will then continue through the canteen as you come toward the exit window you will see the coffee machine in from of you. You will then exit the canteen on to the top deck of the wreck heading back towards the shot line.

Marine life on the Zenobia

The Zenobia is rich with marine life there are countless numbers of large silver bream rainbow wrasse and damsel fish. Families of tame large grouper are resident on the wreck. In addition to this shoals of tuna and jacks are frequently seen around the wreck along with large moray eels and turtles. Diving on the Zenobia is truly a photographers dream.