Diving the Zenobia as a technical or decompression dive is definitely one of the best ways to explore the Zenobia.

The dive team at Survival Dive Stop offer many different options for those divers who are sufficiently trained to complete technical and decompression dives. Popular routes include:

Bottom propeller, kissing trucks and the eggs.

This dive a great way to explore the external areas of the wreck off limits to recreational divers. The dive generally starts by descending on to the top propeller from there you descend down to the see the bottom propeller at around 41M. Continuing around the stern you will come to the kissing trucks lying on the seabed there. The way the trucks have fallen provide a perfect swim through the trucks. As you swim toward the funnels you will see eggs on the seabed. These have been on the bottom since the Zenobia sunk. Once you have explored the back of the wreck at and average depth of 38M you can either ascend to around 33M to see the trucks or continue towards the bridge along the seabed.

First Lorry Deck

Exploring the upper cargo deck is one of our favourite dives on the Zenobia. The first lorry deck I relativity simple to enter. Although there are multiple entrances one of the more popular routes is to enter from close to the bone truck at a depth of around 21M and swim along the top of the lorry deck you will see thousands of blue bottles these contain dehydrated alcohol. Form the bottles you can see many trucks beneath you and a small blue hole in the distance continue towards the blue light and will exit the upper lorry deck on to the bow of the Zenobia. Once you exit the wreck you can continue your dive around the bow of the Zenobia before coming back thought the canteen and guest accommodation.


First lorry deck second route.

To begin this dive you enter from the window close to the bow as as you descend in to the lorry deck you will come to a truck with a large generator on the back of it here you can press buttons and fiddle with switches. From here continue swimming through and over the trucks at around 28m you will then come to the bone truck. When the Zenobia sunk one of the trucks was carrying livestock the remains of which can be seen when exploring the bone truck. Once you exit the upper lorry deck you can continue your dive towards to cargo doors as and propellers.


Chain locker, medical room and crew accommodation


We enter the chain locker on the front of the bow after descending over the spare anchor before swimming into a small hatch.

As you enter your guide will take you through the upper part of the chain locker. You will then turn towards the exit where you will descend into a shaft before exiting the chain locker by swimming down a narrow staircase which leads to the sea bed.

As you turn back on your self you will have an amazing view of the bow of the Zenobia from around 38M.

From here you guide will take you back through the medical room and crew accommodation before exiting from a hatch close tot the bridge and lifeboats.