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Glasses Commando Air Pro


  • Thermoplastic holders
  • Polycarbonate glass
  • Marking of lenses: CE 5-3.1 1F Z87 S +
  • Flexible adjustable strap
  • Sealing with foam

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The COMMANDO AIR PRO sun protection goggles with tinted polycarbonate, high end 1st class glass (Optical Class 1) and an outer protective coating to protect against scratches. The glasses used provide an wide angle of view without distortion. The ventilated vents designed to effectively prevent the evaporation of lenses. The goggle model is designed for ASG, paintball and other shooting sports.

The goggles frame is sealed inside a special foam to provide firm fitting to the face . This greatly enhances comfort and eye protection by preventing dust, wind or pollen from entering the interior. . COMMANDO AIR PRO goggles are fully compatible with helmets and helmets - the flexible strap can be fully adjustable relative to the head circumference. The ballistic protection is provided by tinted viewfinders which meet the ANSI Z87 standard.

Lens Marking (CE 5-3.1 1F Z87 S +) - explanation:

  • CE - these labels ensure that the glasses comply with European Union standards and provide an effective level of protection against UV radiation in all its ranges.
  • - Optical Class 1
  • Z87 - the basic ANSI standard for eye protection in minimizing the effects of shrapnel shocks etc
  • S + - specially tinted lenses

Frame Markings (CE EN166 F Z87) - explanation:

    • CE - these labels guarantee
    • EN166 - a European standard that covers the requirements of individual eye protection.

    - low energy beats (up to 45m / s)

  • Z87 - basic ANSI standard for eye protection for minimizing shake effects Missiles etc.

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