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Ledlenser NEO9R Rechargeable LED Head Torch


super-bright • for trailrunners

NEO9R is the absolute powerhouse among trailrunning headlamps. Whether cross-country, uphill or downhill – thanks to its extreme power and endurance, NEO9R is a true legend out on the trails. The superior light image ensures precise short-range and long-range illumination at all times. The particularly powerful, replaceable battery with integrated rear light sits at the back of the head for optimum weight distribution and can be charged easily and quickly via magnetic contact.

  • Extremely powerful trailrunning headlamp with outstanding light image; multiple adaptable light sources provide perfect separated short-range and long-range illumination at all times
  • Ergonomic design with removable overhead strap for perfect fit and wearing comfort during outdoor activities; included chest belt as additional attachment option
  • Tilting lamphead for individual adjustment of the light cone
  • 360° visibility thanks to red flashing rear light and reflective headband
  • Extremely powerful, replaceable battery; rechargeable via Magnetic Charge System with status LED
Note: Note: USB-C power adapter not included.
Note: Note: USB-C power adapter not included.

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The Ledlenser NEO9R is part of the revamped NEO series and replaces the NEO10R, now offering a boost function and higher output. A 10 seconds boost output offers a maximum of 1200 lumens, while the highest constant output is 600 lumens and the lowest constant output is 20 lumens.

With it's higher output and larger capacity battery the NEO9R is still designed for sporty applications like it's brothers, however is better suited to trail running or activities where more light and longer battery life are favourable. The updated design incorporates a central spot LED and two side flood LEDs, which combine to provide both close and long distance lighting with extra peripheral vision, which is the perfect beam pattern for when you are on the move.

A safety factor of the NEO5R is the reflective writing on the head band for side visibility, and there is also a rear red blinking light, enclosed within the slimline battery pack, that will allow you to be seen from behind. The headband also features tunnelling to keep the wire from the head torch to the battery pack in place for a streamline feel. For extra headband comfort a silicone pad is included and can be fitted to the rear of the head lamp if desired.

Three brightness levels as well as a boost output and rear red light are available. The button on top of the head torch controls all settings, and a single press will turn the light on in low, then each press will cycle low, mid and high. To turn the light off simply press and hold the button for 1 second. The blinking rear red light automatically comes on when the white light is activated and will either be low red, mid red, or high red in correlation with the white mode setting.

The boost output can be activated by double pressing the button and will illuminate for 10 seconds before returning to the previous setting. If the boost is used multiple times and the torch has become overheated then it will not be able to access the boost until it has cooled, and the two presses instead will do two blinks as a warning and enter low mode.

A rear battery pack houses a 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery which needs to be connected to the head lamp by plugging the battery pack wire into the head lamp wire on the side. The battery is charged with the supplied magnetic charging cable by connecting the magnet to the charging point on the side of the battery pack, and the USB-C at the other end plugs into a compatible USB-C power source (not included). The indicator light will turn red to show charging is in progress and will go green once charging is complete after approximately 5 hours, 30 minutes.

When the battery level is low the main light will blink two times to warn the user to recharge the battery. There is also four LED indicators next to the button that will illuminate with either four, three, two or one light for 2 seconds when the light is first turned on to notify you of the battery status. A lockout function prevents accidental activation when not in use and is locked by holding the button down with the light off for 5 seconds until the light blinks twice, and unlocked in the same way.

A hinged bracket allows the head torch to be tilted forwards to give you the best light coverage for the task at hand. The top headband strap can be removed if desired, while the included chest belt extension allows the headband to be made larger so that it can instead be worn around the chest and is good for night running or group activities so not to shine the light directly at someone's face.

Product Features

Removeable top headband
Red red safety light & reflective headband
Overheat protection & lockout function
Chest belt extension strap
Magnetic charging cable

Operational Modes

Boost: 1200 lumens; 10 seconds bursts; 200 m beam range
High: 600 lumens, 5 hours run-time, 120 m beam range
Mid: 200 lumens; 12 hours run-time; 60 m beam range
Low: 20 lumens, 120 hours run-time, 5 m beam range

The above parameters are tested in lab conditions using the included 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery. Data may vary between torch, batteries, environment and individual usage habits.

Technical Details

Operating Modes: Boost / High / Mid / Low / Rear red blink
Luminous Flux: Up to 1200 lumens
Lamp: 3 x Xtreme white LED / 1 x rear red LED
Beam Range: Up to 200 m
Batteries Required: 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery (included & fitted)
Charging Time: 5 hours, 30 minutes approx.
Weight: 199 grams (including batteries)
Head Diameter: 57 mm
Body Colour: Black/grey or black/blue
Body Material: ABS
Switch Type: Push button
Environmental: Water resistant and dust resistant to IP54 standard
Warranty: 2 years standard (7 years with product registration)
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in retail packaging and includes:
Ledlenser NEO9R head torch x 1
Magnetic to USB-C charging cable x 1
Chest belt extender x 1
Silicone pad x 1
Manual x 1

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