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Beuchat Round Double Bag Buoy


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Inflatable PVC Round Float with double bladder Round shaped inflatable buoy. It offers minimum drag; features a PVC inflatable tube inside a puncture resistant cover in fluorescent orange. Includes detachable red and white flag, with detachable pole. and 60 ft. of orange floating line.

Some marker buoys are of a single skin design, these are the cheaper option, as the single skin construction is less resistant to punctures than that of a double skin design. The double skin buoy consists of an inner bladder and an outer cover. The outer cover is made from a strong puncture resistant material. More expensive marker buoys often have pockets for storing spares or snacks, as well as having loops and straps to attach your speargun(s).


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Beuchat is a company that designs and manufactures underwater equipment for scuba diving, spearfishing, snorkeling and freediving. Beuchat was founded by Georges Beuchat in Marseilles in 1934 and has grown to be an international company with a presence all over the world.


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